Conducted by the Marianists
St. Anthony Parish Lending Library

Over the last few years, several donors have offered their books, CDs, DVDs and VHR tapes for your use, and these are on the shelves at the back of the church.  THEY ARE NOT BEING GIVEN AWAY!  You are welcome to borrow, but you are expected to return them in a reasonable time.

The most recent additions to the collection  were added on 2 February 2017

The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything -- #380

Finding Grace at the Center -- #25 and 26 -- centering prayer

Jesus Before Christianity -- #36 and 37 -- Jesus before devotions and other influences changed the way we think of Him.

Mary, the Faithful Disciple -- #44 -- Mary wasn't just the sweet Madonna!

Putting Forgiveness into Practice -- #62

The Ladder of the Beatitudes -- #86 -- Jesus' recipe for a full life

The Screwtape Letters -- #95 -- Satan writes to his agent devils about how to tempt us humans effectively.

The Shack -- #97 and 98 and 216 -- A man lost in deep grief at the loss of his small daughter meets the Holy Trinity in a forest shack and learns what God's love means.

The Way of the Heart -- #99 and 100 -- Brains alone will not bring us to God.

90 Minutes in Heaven -- #118 -- A preacher dies in a car accident and goes to heaven for 90 minutes before being sent back to witness to it all.

Where Do You Stand?  Eight Moral Issues -- #140

Heaven is for Real -- #142, 187 and 372 -- Another visit to heaven and a return to tell us about it.

Healing the Broken Heart: Stories of Forgiveness and Healing -- #169

Spirituality of the Psalms -- #178

The Reed of God -- #210 -- a great little book on spirituality

The Naked Now -- #219 -- learning to see as the mystics see

Mere Christianity -- #221 -- a classic on what Following Christ is and is not

Your God is Too Small -- #222 -- challenges us to think again about our image of God.


Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul -- #215

Fathered by God: Learning What Your Dad Could Never Teach You
-- #217, 282

King, Warrior, Magician, Lover:  the Mature Masculine -- #220

Catholic Dads -- #260
SAINTS -- if nothing else attracts you, look for inspiration in Saints'  lives

            John XXVII -- #3
            Blessed Mother Mary -- #18, 42, 46, 54, 160
            Paul -- #57, 145, 244, 249, 254, 255
            Damien -- #31
            Teresa -- #77, 163, 238
            Francis of Assisi -- #79, 162, 171
            Mother Marianne -- #125
            Kateri Tekakwitha -- #137
            Agnes -- #138
            Philomena -- 139, 240
            Augustine -- #146
            Charles de Foucauld -- #157, 158
            Francis Xavier -- #172
            Catherine of Siena -- #173
            Jeanne Jugan -- #189
            Mother Teresa -- #192
            John Paul II -- #205, 248, 250
            Thomas Aquinas -- #211
            Martin de Porres -- #212
            John Masias -- #213
            Patrick -- #252
            Abraham -- #253
            Anthony and Jude -- #261
            The Book of the Saints -- #373
            The Twelve Apostles -- DVD 101
            Esther -- DVD 102
            Jacob -- DVD 109
            Jeremiah -- DVD 112
            Joan of Arc -- DVD 114
            Therese of Lisieux, the little flower -- DVD 117

In God's Embrace: Prayers for Healing
The Healing Power of Joy
The Healing Power of Peace
Sacred Healing
Prayerful Pauses: Finding God's Presence in Everyday Life
Habits of the Soul: Learning to Live on Purpose
Embracing our Blessings: Faces of the Beatitudes
When the Rain Speaks: Celebrating God's Presence in Nature
Traits of a Healthy Spirituality
The Saints Are Coming: A rebel priest and a daring woman in Mexico
Images of God: Encountering the Divine Presence thru Visionary Prayer
Disciples of All Nations: Living & understanding new evangelization
With Grateful Hearts: Spiritual Reflections for Everyday Living
The Catholic Way to Pray: An Essential Guide for Adults
Turning Hearts to Christ: Engaging People in a Lifetime of Faith
Adventure Inward
Liturgy Made Simple
The Most Asked Questions about Liturgy
When the Well Runs Dry: Prayer Beyond the Beginning
The Power of Pause: Becoming More By Doing Less
eucharist with a small "e"
Catechism of the Catholic Church
A New Look; at the Sacraments, 1994 ed.
A New Look; at the Sacraments, 1998 ed.
The Early Years of the Church
An Advent of Understanding (Christdmas after a loved one dies)
Pray Always
The Easy Way to Stop Drinking
The Future Church (as of 2009)
The Liturgical Year: history and meaning
Bible Reading for Spiritual Growth
Understanding the Sacraments
Basic Catechism (Q and A format)
Rediscover Jesus: An Invitation
Daily Life in the Time of Jesus
The Gospels Simply Explained
Pilgrim Church: A Popular History of Catholic Christianity
Embodying the God We Proclaim: Ministering as Jesus Did
Doing FaithJustice: An Introduction to Catholic Social Thought