Conducted by the Marianists

(Issues before January 2016 are not available here.)

January 2016 -- Marianist Lay Community;  New Years Resolutions;  Deacon Hiram Haupu;  Eleanor Fukuda

February 2016 -- Music Ministry;  Lent;  Crafts Group;  Marriage Encounter

March 2016 -- Hospitality Ministry;  Lenten Stewardship;  Bereavement Ministry;  Church Cleaners

April 2016-- Results of the parish survey conducted last November.

May 2016 -- Thursday Prayer Group; Knights of Columbus; Divine Mercy

June 2016 -- Vergel de Dios Family;  Nelia Altura;  Boy Scout Troop 49

July 2016 -- Deacon Stephen and Momi; Volunteer Appreciation Dinner; Traits of the Christian Steward;  the Andrade family

August 2016 -- Joe Williams;  Charlene Ioanis; Unemori family

September 2016 -- Linda Keizer;  school updating; parish staff volunteer activities; family prayer;  Ramiro Hernandez

October 2016 -- Parish Education Committee (PEC);  Marianist 200th jubilee;  Stewardship and social media;  Rex Ornalles

November 2016 -- Acolytes;  Lectors;   Mother Teresa of Calcutta, the Nobriga family

December 2016 -- Senior Bingo;  Women's prison ministry;  Father Syl and a spirituality of surrender.

January 2017 -- Youth Ministry; Children and Stewardship;  people who support St. Anthony schools;  Filipino Catholic Club;
                        ​  St. Gianna Beretta Molla

February 2017-- March for Life;  Nishihara 71-year wedding jubilee; Lenten practices;  Men's Group

March 2017 -- RCIA;  Thrift Shop; Chrism Mass;  75th birthdays

April 2017 -- Juliette Rodrigues;  Cultivate your personal garden;  Craft Group;  Pat and Ramon Garcia

May 2017 --  Ernie Mendoza, youth and music;  Pillars of Stewardship;  Part-time Christian? ;  Blue Army; May crowning;
                    ​  Our Lady of Fatima

June 2017 -- (issue not available)

July 2017 -- The Saturday evening choir;  Sr. Eva's calling; Service as stewardship;  Jo Reyes

August 2017 -- The Sunday 7 a.m. choir;  Tim Cullen, our new Head of School;  St. Genesius;  Family Life Retreat

September 2017 -- The Sunday 9 a.m. choir;  recarpeting the church center; teaching stewardship to children;  Brian Millar and
                      ​ wife

October 2017 -- The school Gala;  Rana Boone, our new Principal; the dignity of life; the Marianist Bicentennial

November 2017
-- Miyoko Onaga;  the Thanksgiving spirit;  the Family Life Retreat;  All Saints and All Souls;  the 5 p.m.
                      ​ Sunday choir.

December 2017-- Youth Ministry;  Jeff Vierra; Advent traditions; Ioanis and Roby families.

January 2018 -- Six Courageous Men;  Hospitality and Prayer as Stewardship.

February 2018 -- (No newsletter issued.)

March 2018 -- School upkeep volunteers; Tommy and Phyllis Duarte​​​​; Mike Victorino

April 2018 -- ​​Enhanced Fitness Class; Jalen Coloma; What is the Mass really about?; Lilyana Koa

May 2018 -- May Day celebrations;  RCIA and the Easter Vigil;  new Family Life Ministry at St. Anthony's​​

June 2018 -- Joe Williams;  Ho'olaule'a;  Stewardship highlights at St. Anthony's​​

July 2018 --  Parish pastoral plan;  Ministry at Hale Makua;  Original order of sacraments of initiation

August 2018 ​​​​--  Feast of the Assumption and Mary's role in our lives;  school reopens; our second Marianist Family Retreat

Sept./Oct. 2018 -- ​​Borges Room renovation; Richard and Alesia Macugay and Labor Day; Eucharist;  Jim Reynolds

Nov./Dec. 2018 -- ​​Padre Pio Relic Tour;  Family prayer during Advent;  Bible Study classes.

Jan./Feb. 2019 -- (not available)

Mar./Apr. 2019 -- Lent; St. Anthony School; Divine Mercy Prayer Group

May/Jun. 2019 -- St. Anthony Preschool; Stewardship; Honoring Mary; RCIA Program; Sign of the Cross

Jul./Aug. 2019 -- Organist David Kenney; St. Anne; America as gift; vandalism; Dario Rinaldi