Conducted by the Marianists
A couple of places that help you find friends:

Catholic Singles  --  also offers group tours

St. Raphael Association

Catholic Match -- find a life partner

AveMaria Singles -- similar

A site for all ages but with a section for Catholic singles can be found at a site called Revolution of Love.
Check out the Fellowship of Catholic University Students, for information about doing some missionary work.

Another place to check out missionary opportunities is at at site called St. Paul's Outreach.

Internships and leadership training programs can be examined at the World Youth Alliance.

Information on the Marianist International Volunteers can be found here.
As you know, the Catholic Church promotes total abstinence from sex except with your marriage partner.  Here are a couple of sites that discuss this.

Chastity -- a non-guilt-trip promotion of the idea of self-discipline and saving oneself for marriage.  Articles on relationships, recorded talks on youth topics, even a list of speakers that can be invited.

Goretti Group -- Maria Goretti was killed resisting rape, and is a patron saint of chastity.  This group promotes chastity, offering several good books and speakers.

Gay or lesbian and uncomfortable about it? Need to talk with someone who cares and understands? Try the Trevor Project. At this site, crisis counseling, a question-and-answer page, and social networking are all available. Tel. 866-4U-TREVOR.
A good site to look at for help as a parent is Revolution of Love.

Another site that should be helpful is So many topics! -- advice and answers;  sex education; parental monitoring of tv and internet use; dealing with porn; building up one's marriage; homosexuality; mistakes parents make; Christian fatherhood; books and CDs.

For moms, there is CatholicMoms, which has a lot of articles for them.  New moms, adoption, sites safe for kids, book recommendations.

Angelfire offers advice, prayers, and articles on parenting that may help.

The Diocese of LaCrosse has put up a website that is chock full of ideas, on such things as
  • parenting styles
  • virtues in the home
  • lessons in life and love
  • parenting basics
  • parenting stages
  • parenting resources
Vibrant Faith at Home -- connecting faith to life.  For parents, grandparents, couples, young adults, young families, families with teens.

Parent Further
-- Web seminars on topics like parenting strategies, discipline and values, family communication, social media, high-risk behavior, etc.

PBS Parents -- Ideas for parenting kids up to about 8 years old.  Particular needs of boys, or of girls.  Foods, crafts, parties, games, etc.  Has a special section on military families.

Zero to Three -- Parenting toddlers, especially in military families (click on link at bottom of the page that opens).

MOPS -- Mothers of Preschoolers -- articles, tips.  Promotes formation of local groups.

How 'bout an app designed to help new parents through pregnancy? Try "Baby Bump" for information, images, tracking tools, etc. Comes with recommendation from Parents' Magazine. Android. Offers "in-app" purchases at $3 each.

Information on religious and priestly vocations in general can be found at this national site.

For the Honolulu diocese, the vocations page can be found here.

For the Marianists -- Brothers, priests, and Sisters -- check out this site.

For the Sisters of St. Joseph, here is a place to get info.

                                 This is an online magazine for young adult spiritual seekers, powered by the Paulists, a Catholic Religious Order dedicated to evangelization through the media. It has something for everybody! Columnists, bloggers, feature articles, question-and-answer page, audio short courses, games, videos, a gift shop, even a daily "jolt" (something to think about) and a daily challenge. Areas of discussion include relationships and sexuality, entertainment and lifestyle, politics and culture, and religion and spirituality.
Family Life Center -- articles on strengthening marriages, enhancing communication, parenting, eliminating porn in the home, etc.

For Your -- articles and reviews dealing with marriage issues, dating.

For people from other dioceses wanting to be married in Hawaii, here is where to find out what you have to do.

Catholic Wedding Help -- very practical tips for the wedding, specifically for Catholics.

Two of Us -- Tips on dating, engagement, married life, and parenting.

-- Christian site with articles on lots of topics relevant to marriage, and an online radio.
Check out the apps listed on this page.
Here is a good place to get some information on the use and misuse of credit cards and how to avoid common problems with them:

Wise use of credit cards

Student loans and credit building in college